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July 12, 2011 / Daniel McFadden

Shades that Enhance Eye Color

How to enhance Eye Color: My theory with color is that if you already have bright blue eyes, well blue eyes are not 100 percent blue,  they appear blue but if you look at them up close they have little flex of gold and brown in them, so the worst thing you can do for someone who has blue eyes is put on a bright blue cobalt shade because instantly that persons eyes are going to become grey and faded and when they go out people are going to say “that’s a beautiful shade of eye shadow”, but they won’t even recognize the eye color. So you always want to do something that’s contrasting to the eye color, so a blue eye is enhanced with black eyeliner or steel grey shades or a charcoal eyeliner and if you are going to wear a blue it would be best to do a shade like midnight blue. A brown eyed person it’s the same thing,  if you have brown eyes and you put brown eye shadow on its kinda boring. You don’t want your eyes to look like a gerbil. So  brown eyes would be enhanced with beautiful shades of purples, greens and blues. A person with very very dark eyes  they can pull off brighter colors like a real turquoise or a bright cobalt because it will give their chocolate eyes a flash of color. A soft green-eyed person looks great with gold’s and olive greens


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  1. Craig Olsen / Jul 12 2011 4:54 am

    I couldn’t agree more!

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