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July 18, 2011 / Daniel McFadden

How to Keep Your Foundation on All Day!

Foundation that Lasts

Some women complain to me that their skin is oily and that by 2pm they feel like their foundation needs to be reapplied. This can be avoided by doing a few simple things. One of the most important things is when you are applying you moisturizer in the morning make sure you give it a chance to sink into your skin. I always recommend that you put on your moisturizer and then go have breakfast that way you’re allowing your moisturizer to settle in.  You never want to just put wet moisturizer on and then immediately start doing makeup. If would almost be like putting Vaseline on your finger nails and then try to paint them, the polish would never stick and it would slide right off. Also right before you start your makeup you might want to blot some of the excess lotion off with a tissue or something so your skin is prepared and moisturized but it’s not soaking wet. Foundation primer is one of the most important things you can use. When you put on primer it’s a very thin layer that you rub into your skin, it almost looks like a white cream moisturizer, but what it does is give you skin a base for the foundation to stick to. Ill go back to example with the nail, if you put a base on your nails and then put the polish on the polish is going to stay a lot longer. If you put a base on your face and then put the foundation on it’s definitely going to stay longer.  One of the things that really helps but is not so in right now is powder over top of your foundation. A lot of women like to have the dewy wet look and that will come through it just might come through an hour later, but it is important that you set just a little bit of powder of the top of your foundation. Loose powder is good to put over your foundation in the morning because it has the highest concentration of talc so when you dust if over the foundation it really does help make the foundation adhere. If you don’t have loose powder you can always use a brush and dip it into your compact. During the day if you need a touch up that’s when you use your compact and you can use the sponge that’s inside the compact to touch it up. Also for those of you who like the instant dewy look after your foundation I offer an amazing product that is a finishing spray that you apply once your whole face is done and it gives you a very young glowing natural look. If your interested in it come by my store or look online at


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