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July 25, 2011 / Daniel McFadden

The Five No’s

  1. Do not use a shade of foundation that is different from the rest of your body. It shows and it’s noticeable. A lot of women want to look sun tanned so often they get a darker makeup and the problem is unless you can blend that foundation down to the bottom on your toes it will not match you. You can always enhance a sun tan with a little bit of bronzer, but try to use a foundation that is the exact same color as your skin.
  2. Don’t over do your mascara. You see a lot of women with tarantula legs as their mascara, its clumpy, its thick, and they obviously want their eyes to be emphasized, but it’s really important that they look clean. Women tend to fall into bad habits that they continue to do their whole life, they blob the mascara one and then people are looking at them all day like “ God she’s so pretty but if only she would clean up that mascara she’d look so much better.”
  3. Keep your eyebrows neat and tidy. There is no way you can make a woman’s eye look beautiful unless the eyebrows are perfect and if they’re not, no matter what eye makeup you do if the eyebrows are untidy it wont look good at all.
  4. Be very careful going outside your lip line. You can enhance and you can cheat a little bit to give your lip a little more fullness. But when you just draw onto your skin everybody in the world knows that you’re doing it. If your lips are not your best feature on your face don’t over do them and give them a lot of attention because people will stare at your mouth all day long. If you have thin little lips its better to just wear a shiny lip-gloss on them and then do beautiful killer eyes to draw the attention somewhere else. I’m not saying to try to enhance your lips or cheat a little, I’m  saying be very careful when doing it and don’t just draw it onto the skin around the mouth because it just doesn’t look right.
  5. Be careful with your blush. Blush is beautiful but you don’t want to look like you got smacked in the face with a hot waffle iron. The blush should be applied right on the apples of the cheek. It’s best to apply the blush and then put just a little bit of finishing powder on top of it just to make it blend more

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