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August 7, 2011 / Daniel McFadden

How to stay bronzed without the smelly spray tan or overbaking in the sun.

Ok seriously WHY do people get spray tans?! It always looks orange, you’ll always have streaks and you will always smell disgusting. Dont Do IT! Sitting in the sun is terrible for your skin and will leave you with sun spots later in life. So what do you do? I have a couple of products that address sun tanning. I have a face and body bronzer that comes in a large bottle and it pumps out and smoothes onto the skin. It’s not necessarily a makeup but it gives your skin a beautiful cooper shiny-bronzed look to it. You can use it on your legs or your face; it has a little shimmer to it and it smells fantastic (like coconut). If you need a little coverage on your legs, for example you have marks on your legs, you can always mix a little of your face foundation with this bronzer and then smooth it onto your legs. For people you don’t like the liquid bronzer for their face I also have three types of powder bronzers that you can use after you have finished your foundation. This is how you cheat your tan- you still use your normal foundation color that matches your skin but when you are all done applying it you take your powder bronzer with the big brush, swirl it in there and dusk it on your whole face and neck. Its like a finishing powder and it’s beautiful to do. This video shows the liquid bronzer and some red lipstick tips.


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