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September 1, 2011 / Daniel McFadden

How to find foundation for your skin tone.

One of the biggest problems that I see with makeup is women or men, haha, wearing the wrong shade of foundation and it is always noticeable because the face with be too light or too dark in comparison to the rest of the body, so you end up looking like a freak. When you are trying to match foundation to your skin tone, you want to try the foundation in a couple different areas on your face. Women tend to try it on the inside of their wrist or on their neck, but the problem with that is they are areas that have never really been exposed to the sun. This isn’t really a true match because these areas tend to be more porcelain than the face and chest. When you are trying foundation you should take a few shades and try them next to each other for example, put one shade on your chin, one of your forehead and one on your cheek. Also like paint, foundation looks different when wet so allow the foundation to dry on your skin and then see what the color looks like.  If you put foundation on wet it may look perfect but once it drys it could be a different shade. Also don’t rub it in too much, literally put a stripe of it on your skin and let it sit there.


Note- make sure you are trying foundation in good lighting, bad lighting can be very deceiving.


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