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September 26, 2011 / Daniel McFadden


Eyeliner does depend on the persons eyes. Some peoples eyes actually look smaller with eyeliner where others it really enhances it. Some people you can put eye makeup on the inside of the lashes and some people can’t, its very individual, but almost everybody can wear it across the top lid. On the bottom I usually recommend that you just do a quarter of an inch and smudge it underneath the eye for the day time so its not too dramatic of a look. When you apply liner to the top it always makes your lashes look longer and fuller. Every woman should have a black eyeliner in her makeup bag, but its not always the best color for the day. If you work in an office or have a pretty conservative job, wearing black eyeliner is pretty dramatic and can often make you look like a hooker. So you may want to soften it with a chocolate brown or a steel gray, something that is a little more appropriate for day time. For night time LOTS of black eyeliner, inner rim the eyes with black eyeliner, lots of black mascara and really go for it. Colored eyeliner can be cool if you want to make a statement. You can use a pretty blue  or green liner and it looks best with minimal eye shadow. It can be nice with different outfits for example if you are wearing a nice green dress you can put some green liner on and it can be a very beautiful effect.  Sometimes people have had a stunning turquoise piece of jewelry and I’ll use a turquoise liner , but just on the bottom lid or the top, no need to line the whole eye. But it can be really beautiful, and people will notice that you really paid attention and selected that liner to compliment the outfit. It can be very pulled together. Lastly, if you are someone whose eyeliner tends to fade away or melt off you can cheat and put some powder over the liner to help it hold in place for the day.


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