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October 21, 2011 / Daniel McFadden

Matching Makeup

The first thing I do when a client sits in front of me is interview them because there’s no two women that are exactly the same. You can never duplicate one makeup application on two separate ladies, it just doesn’t work like that.

If a woman is going to an event that evening I always ask them ” what are you going to wear? Tell me about your jewelry? What are the colors of the dress? Ok, when you say it’s a blue dress is it a navy blue, a midnight blue , a steel blue, ect..”   Finding out about the outfit is my first priority, but it’s also very important for me to figure out what it is that they are going to so that the makeup  is appropriate for that evening. I need to know how fancy  the event is. Is it a casual beach wedding, or is this at the Four Seasons Hotel? Or a black tie affair? All of this helps me determine the amount of makeup I’m going to use or the look that I’m going to create. You would never show up to a casual luncheon wearing makeup that you would wear to some fantastic ball. That seems pretty obvious, but believe it or not, I see so many women applying makeup that just isn’t appropriate for the occasion. So that is the second most important thing to understand, the type of event.

You can use  makeup on any person as long as is coordinates with their whole evening. Some women want to try a red lipstick, but they tell me they are afraid. Well, red lipstick is fantastic if you’re wearing an all black outfit and going to an evening affair, in say, Fall or Winter but it may not be appropriate for a summer time luncheon. It is also really important for me to talk to people about what they want to try.

As far as selection of makeup, I do look at someone and decide what their best feature is.  I am also going to look at is eye color because the eyes are to most important feature on a woman’s face, so the eyes need to be beautiful and stand out. If someone has blown eyes with a lot of gold flex in them I might select all gold’s and bronze colors. If they have more of an olive green eye I like to do army greens, if they have a bright blue eye I like to do steel gray.

To sum it all up: you’re either matching to the season, event,  wardrobe or the individual. Never apply makeup without thinking about those things!


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