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November 8, 2011 / Daniel McFadden

A Woman Should Always Make Time To Feel Beautiful!

Do you ever feel like some women’s makeup seems to last all day while you’re sitting in your car around 2pm reapplying all the makeup that somehow melted off your face. Usually the reason people feel that their makeup doesn’t stay on all day is that they didn’t take the time to apply it properly in the first place. They probably just slapped on some last minute foundation and expected it to last until they returned from work. Well, if you haven’t figured it out already, you need to take the time to apply your makeup properly if you want it to last all day. The one thing that bothers me most as a makeup artist is when a woman says “I just don’t have time to put makeup on.” This is the lamest excuse in the book. If you need to get up 15 minutes earlier or go to bed 15 minutes earlier, whatever you need to do you need to make time because putting your face on is really important. Sitting down and having that “ME” time is really important too. Get your cup of coffee and turn some music on. You should really enjoy doing your makeup because if you do it well and you do the tricks, like putting on the eye shadow primer and using the lip liner, your makeup should really maintain during the day. You would really only need to reapply some lip stick or touch up some powder if you’re a little bit shiny, but you should never have to re-do your eye makeup or foundation. If it’s done properly and you really do take the time in the morning to walk out the door looking good, your makeup will look beautiful all day. When I see women doing their makeup in the car I know it’s going to be gone by noon because I know they aren’t using the right tools and what not. As far as doing your makeup, you should pick your five key things that you are going to use, which I know for most women mascara is a major and lip color is also really really important . Maybe for the eyes you don’t have to get into blending, contouring, and doing the crease, maybe you just do a one shadow all over like a beige with a little bit of taupe in the crease. It’s pretty , gives a little emphasize to the crease, and doesn’t look like you tried too hard. For the eyeliner you don’t have to do black, you can do a nice gray or navy just something that might look nice with your outfit. Then, definitely use a light foundation with a little blush or bronzer. So to sum it up if I were to pick five things for you to do in the morning it would be :

–       a neutral eye shadow

–       black mascara

–       foundation

–       lip color

–       a little bit of blush

-**note- of you know me, you know that you HAVE to put on the foundation and eye shadow primers before doing anything. I’m just reminding you that it’s a key factor in keeping your makeup in place.

A woman should always make time to feel beautiful! You would be surprised how taking the time to do your makeup properly can give you a boost of self confidence.


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