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November 12, 2011 / Daniel McFadden

The Secret to Good Looking Eyebrows

They say that the eyes are the window to your soul, well no one is going to look you in the soul if you have distracting eyebrows. The eyebrows are the frame of your face and if they are shaped wrong, over plucked, too bushy it will throw off your entire look. Your eyebrows add strength and definition to your face and well groomed eyebrows enhance your beauty.There is no one shaped eyebrow everyone is individual, for example, a thick eyebrow may not look good on one woman while a thinner eyebrow might look fantastic on another. When I shape a clients brow I always look at their facial structure. My general rule is to begin the eyebrow directly above the inner corner of your eye. You can actually take a pencil or a brush, line it up from the outside of your nose straight up, and that is where your brow should start. I often see people starting there brows too far out and it creates a strange space between the brows. As you could imagine, a poorly shaped, over tweezed, under tamed brow can severely alter your look so it is important to get the shape right. After I find the point to begin the brow, I then find where the arch should be. The arch is the highest point and should be just a little beyond the outer corner of the iris then should taper off to the end. To find the arch you can again take a pencil or a brush and create a diagonal line from the bottom of the nose up to the brow. When applying the wax I always use straight lines and remove small sections at a time. If a a client has sensitive skin we use a different technique called threading. After I wax the brow, I tweeze the extra hairs off and trim the brows. Now, even if you have the most perfectly shaped brow a lot of women, especially older women, I hate to say it, have thinner hairs,gray hair, or bald spots that prevent the brow from being full, thick, and definite. In order to fix this, most women fill in there brows in with pencils and powder to do so and it always looks very obvious. To fix this problem I created  an eyebrow mascara that not only holds your brow in place, but fills in your brows without the pencil/powder look. It has the same effect as the pencils in that it darkens the brow , fills it in, and makes it more defined, yet it is very natural. Every one of my clients has the product. All you have to do is run the wand through your brow and instantly you will see the difference. Your brows will be fuller, natural looking, and will hold in place. You also wont have to deal with the mess of powders or the obvious lines of a pencil. The other day a client of mine was with her grandmother and her aunt and both of them noticed how full and beautiful  her brows were. She showed them this product and both were so amazed at the difference it made that they ran down to my salon to pick them up. Because I so strongly believe in this product, I am going to offer a sale on it right now for the next week. 50% off if you purchase it from my site you can find it under the brows and lashes section. It is called brow tint mascara. Once you experience this product you will never go back to pencils and powders. This is my biggest secret to having beautiful, full brows and I want you to have the opportunity to experience the effectiveness of it.


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