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December 7, 2011 / Daniel McFadden

Getting the perfect Smokey Eye

I always have women asking me how to create a smokey eye, it seems to be the hardest part of applying makeup. The most important thing in getting a perfect smokey eye is having the right brushes. If you do not have brushes or you have one brush that does everything you are never going to be able to create beautiful eyes. The brushes are very specific and you should have at least three of them when you are creating smokey eyes. You can find on my website a brush called Shade It & Fade which is used for the entire eyelid, Shape It has a rounded angle to use on the corner of the eyelid, and Contour It is used for the crease of the eyelid. In addition, it important that your brushes are clean because you can get leftover colors from earlier applications on your eyes. If you used a smokey black last night and you want to do a natural smokey look with bronze colors, you are going to get a blend of black from last night. So you should definitely have a brush cleaner; I sell a great one that sanitizes your brushes and dries instantly.

When it comes to creating a smokey eye it really does come down to a few things: the shape of your eye and the color of your skin.  If you are really fair you may not want to use black eye shadow, you may want to do steel grays  or even browns. People always think you need black to create the smokey eye, but you can create it with browns, blues, or even dark  purples. Aside from brushes being important, blending is key. When doing the smokey eye, you first want to apply a medium color to the entire eyelid, this is the base color. Second, you apply most of the dark color around the eye itself and into the outer corner of the eye. Lastly, you use a color that is a mix between the medium base color and the dark color and you apply it in the crease of you eye. This helps blend the dark and light colors together and makes the eye really  pop, otherwise your eyes will look too harsh. Up under the eyebrows should be very clean, almost nothing at all or a very light shadow.

So the recap: the eyelid should be a medium color, under the eyebrow should be a light color or nothing, the corner of your eye should be the dark color, and the crease should be a color that is a few shades lighter than the dark color and a few shades darker than the medium base color to help blend. Throw on some mascara and some fake eyelashes and you’re set. Remember, if you want your eyeshadow to last all day it is imperative that you use a eyeshadow primer before applying any shadow.


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